Used Basses for sale
In addition to the basses below, we have a number of instruments waiting for restoration.   If you're looking for a particular type of bass, feel free to contact us.
Shen SB 200 Mirecourt
This is another “slight second” from the Shen factory, having had minor repairs to the rib/back join at the bottom of the bass.  The bass is now in as-new shape and comes with a one year warranty.  It features:
  • Sloping shoulders for easier access to the higher positions 
  • A wide lower bout for a deeper bass response
  • Premium quality woods: flamed Maple back, Maple ribs, and a Spruce top
  • 41” string length, adjustable bridge
  • Incredible value at just $4795
Coming soon:
1953 American Standard
  • Made by the HN White Co., Cleveland Ohio
  • Fully restored and newly set up
Wilhelm Eberle Ply Bass
An older (1960s or 70s) plywood bass, made in East Germany.  The bass has had a few repairs over the years but is now in good shape and should last another 50 years.   A loud, solid sounding instrument. 
  • Maple and ebony neck
  • Lightly flamed maple ribs
  • A wide lower bout for a deeper bass response
  • 41” string length, "D" neck
  • Priced to sell at just $1299
New Basses for Sale

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