Used Basses for sale (4 currently available)
In addition to the basses below, we have a number of instruments waiting for restoration.   If you're looking for a particular type of bass, feel free to contact us.
1953 American Standard
  • Made by the HN White Co., Cleveland Ohio
  • Fully restored, in great condition for a 67 year old instrument
  • Neck is 100% original and intact (no cracks or repairs anywhere)
  • New Ebony fingerboard, original brass and steel tuners
  • Spirocore strings, 43" string length, "D" neck
  • New Despiau adjustable bridge and Carbon Fibre endpin
  • A loud, focussed, and rare vintage bass!
  • Price at $3495
1939 Kay 3/4 Ply bass
  • An early Kay, restored to good condition
  • New ebony fingerboard and adjustments to the neck for greater playability
  • New: adjustable Despiau bridge, endpin, and Zyex strings
  • Vintage brass finish Kluson tuning machines
  • Plays very well, with impressive volume 
  • Competitively priced at only $2495

Antique Tyrolean Bass

  • A very special instrument, estimated construction before 1850

  • Restored to excellent playing condition in 2017

  • Converted to 4 strings from the original 3

  • Original back, now converted to diagonal bracing

  • A loud and impressive instrument

  • Inquire about pricing

1934 E. H. Roth 
  • Fully Carved German 3/4 bass 
  • Fully restored and newly set up
  • 'D' Neck, 43" string length
  • Beautiful wood and workmanship throughout
  • Strung with new Kaplan Orchestral strings
  • Priced at $11,995

Coming Soon:


German "Lewis and Sons" fully carved 3/4 Bass 

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