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(pickups, strings, bows, rosin, bass bags, and more!)

Bass Pickups 

David Gage Lifeline Pickups  This is a newer pickup by David Gage that fits in the bridge adjuster wheel space.  They have received excellent reviews!


Currently available:  NEW Realist Lifeline pickups, priced at $289.95.

David Gage Realist Pickups are a current popular choice with many bassists because of their even and warm sound.   They work using a copper foil element that goes under the bridge foot.  


Currently available:  NEW realist pickups, priced at $269.95


Fishman Full Circle Pickups deliver a natural sound with a nice mix of body and string.  The wheel that contains the pickup can be adjusted for some tonal flexibility. 
Currently available in  1/4", 5/16" or 6 mm sizes, priced at $299.95  
Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 10.08.24 PM.png

Underwood Pickups The classic, a popular choice among upright bassists for decades. They're quickly attached and removed as long as you have the correct spacing in the "wings" of your bridge.  


One used pickup available, priced at $149.95

Fishman BP100 Pickup.  An excellent starter pickup.  Dual element piezo design that easily clips to your bridge, making it easy to install and remove.


Currently available:  Out of Stock



We have a good selection of new upright bass strings available. Currently in-stock strings include:


Pirastro  - Perpetual and Flexocor

Thomastik  - Spirocore, Belcanto, and Dominant

D'Addario  - Helicore (Orchestral and Hybrid), Zyex

 Kaplan, and Prelude.  

Innovation  - Silver Slaps

Call or email for prices. 

Note: Strings that are not stocked can be ordered, and are usually available within a few days. 

Note, installation of strings is extra: It takes about one half-hour of labour to install bass strings.   

If you purchase strings from Stand Up Guy, we will install them for $20.   Installation of strings supplied by customer: $35

A good selection of student level bows are available. French and German grip, in your choice of Brazilwood or Carbon Fibre.
Priced from $149.95

Bass Rosin

Four choices currently:

  • Pop's Bass Rosin - $21.95

  • Nyman Rosin - $17.95

  • Carlsson - $17.95

  • Kolstein Ultra Bass Rosin - $19.95

Bass Bags 

Presto Bass Bag by Eastman. 

  • Excellent quality bag, with handles in all the right places.  

  • Includes bow, rosin, and sheet music pockets

  • Priced at $274.95


Available in 3/4 and 4/4 sizes

Shen 3/4 upright bass bag.  

  • A good quality bag, with medium-thick padding

  • Includes bow pocket and rosin pockets, sheet music pocket

  • Limited stock, priced at $199.95

Christopher 5/8 upright bass bag.  

  • Decent quality economy bag, with medium-thick padding

  • Includes bow pocket and rosin pockets, sheet music pocket

  • Available in black or blue

  • One left, clearance price of $149.95!

Replacement Endpins


  • Four varieties currently available, ranging from $89.95 through $249.95.  Installation available (charged at shop rate).

New! Begin Pin Carbon Fibre Endpin 


  • Made from ebony, carbon fibre, T6 aluminum and brass

  • Smooth-action alloy clamp ensures non-slip operation

  • Textured carbon fibre rod holds securely every time

  • Threaded rubber ball removes for optional spike end

  • Introductory Priced at $249.95


Wolf Super Endpin


  • Fits over the endpin tip of your instrument

  • Special rubber composition provides a good grip on almost any surface.

  • Easy on and easy off

  • Small, compact and easy to store

  • Priced at $29.95

Deluxe Endpin Replacement tips

  • Standard 10mm size screw tip

  • Large, 2" round rubber design for better grip

  • Easy on and easy off

  • Priced at $24.95


NEW!  Glasser Bow Quiver


  • Keeps your bow handy while playing

  • Made of leather and synthetic leather

  • Ties onto bass tailpiece

  • Priced at $54.95

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