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(pickups, strings, bows, rosin, bass bags, and more!)

Bass Pickups 

David Gage Lifeline Pickups  This is a newer pickup by David Gage that fits in the bridge adjuster wheel space.  They have received excellent reviews!


Currently available:  NEW Realist Lifeline pickups, priced at $309.95.

David Gage Realist Pickups are a current popular choice with many bassists because of their even and warm sound.   They work using a copper foil element that goes under the bridge foot.  


Currently available:  NEW realist pickups, priced at $279.95


Fishman Full Circle Pickups deliver a natural sound with a nice mix of body and string.  The wheel that contains the pickup can be adjusted for some tonal flexibility. 
Currently available in  1/4", 5/16" or 6 mm sizes.  Priced, installed, at $329.95  
Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 10.08.24 PM.png

Underwood Pickups The classic, a popular choice among upright bassists for decades. They're quickly attached and removed as long as you have the correct spacing in the "wings" of your bridge.  


Currently available: Out of Stock

Fishman BP100 Pickup.  An excellent starter pickup.  Dual element piezo design that easily clips to your bridge, making it easy to install and remove.


Currently available:  Out of Stock



We have a good selection of new upright bass strings available. Currently in-stock strings include:


Pirastro  - Perpetual and Flexocor

Thomastik  - Spirocore, Belcanto, and Dominant

D'Addario  - Helicore (Orchestral and Hybrid), Zyex

 Kaplan, and Prelude.  

Innovation  - Silver Slaps

Call or email for prices. 

Note: Strings that are not stocked can be ordered, and are usually available within a few days. 

Note, installation of strings is extra: It takes about one half-hour of labour to install bass strings.   

If you purchase strings from Stand Up Guy, we will install them for $20.   Installation of strings supplied by customer: $35

A good selection of student level bows are available. French and German grip, in your choice of Brazilwood or Carbon Fibre.
Priced from $149.95

Bass Rosin

Four choices currently:

  • Pop's Bass Rosin - $21.95

  • Nyman Rosin - $17.95

  • Carlsson - $17.95

  • Kolstein Ultra Bass Rosin - $19.95

Bass Bags 

Presto Bass Bag by Eastman. 

  • Excellent quality bag, with handles in all the right places.  

  • Includes bow, rosin, and sheet music pockets

  • Priced at $274.95


Available in 3/4 and 4/4 sizes

Shen 3/4 upright bass bag.  

  • A good quality bag, with medium-thick padding

  • Includes bow pocket and rosin pockets, sheet music pocket

  • Limited stock, priced at $199.95

Christopher 5/8 upright bass bag.  

  • Decent quality economy bag, with medium-thick padding

  • Includes bow pocket and rosin pockets, sheet music pocket

  • Available in black or blue

  • One left, clearance price of $149.95!

Replacement Endpins


  • Four varieties currently available, ranging from $89.95 through $249.95.  Installation available (charged at shop rate).

New! Begin Pin Carbon Fibre Endpin 


  • Made from ebony, carbon fibre, T6 aluminum and brass

  • Smooth-action alloy clamp ensures non-slip operation

  • Textured carbon fibre rod holds securely every time

  • Threaded rubber ball removes for optional spike end

  • Introductory Priced at $249.95


Wolf Super Endpin


  • Fits over the endpin tip of your instrument

  • Special rubber composition provides a good grip on almost any surface.

  • Easy on and easy off

  • Small, compact and easy to store

  • Priced at $29.95

Deluxe Endpin Replacement tips

  • Standard 10mm size screw tip

  • Large, 2" round rubber design for better grip

  • Easy on and easy off

  • Priced at $24.95


NEW!  Glasser Bow Quiver


  • Keeps your bow handy while playing

  • Made of leather and synthetic leather

  • Ties onto bass tailpiece

  • Priced at $54.95

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