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We are able to provide all types of repairs, from minor adjustments and set-ups to major overhauls and restoration.  Free estimates (provided we have seen the instrument).  Our rates are highly competitive compared with the established violin shops. Below are examples of work done in our shop.

Top Repairs

The picture below shows an instrument having a new bass bar glued in, a relatively complex repair. Sometimes, the top needs to come off just to properly fix a number of cracks that have developed.  You can see some video of this bass at an earlier stage in the repair process by clicking below (note, definitely an impromptu recording session!):

Neck Repairs

The neck shown above had cracked in half at the heel.  Our repair involved taking out the broken portion from the body of the bass, regluing the two pieces (shown), reinforcing the join, and reinstalling the neck into the bass body.  


Other common neck repairs are re-setting a loose neck, and repairs to the pegbox (the top of the neck, where the tuners are).  

Rib Repairs

Rib repairs can be made when the top is off, as in this case, or through the f holes in the instrument - if  the damage is not too severe.  The diamond shaped wooden cleats act as reinforcement after the crack is repaired. 

Back Repairs

This flat-back bass, although relatively new, had glue that was failing on the back braces.  The back braces were reduced in thickness (they were much too thick for their purpose!) and re-glued.  


This old flatback bass's bracing had completely failed due to shrinking and cracking of the wood.  We installed new diagonal bracing, a design that will last much longer.

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