Archive of sold basses.


FYI, these are a selection of instruments sold by StandUpGuy in the past few years.  Please let us know what you're looking for, as we may be able to match you up with a great instrument! 

Strunal 5/21 Hybrid 3/4

"Dvorak" label, made by Strunal in Czechoslovakia, around 2005.  In great shape for it's age.  Solid spruce top, with quilted maple veneer back and sides.  

Features: an adjustable bridge, ebony fingerboard, inlaid purfling, new endpin and tailpiece wire, and Thomastik Spirocore strings.   SOLD

German 3/4 Ply 
  • Vintage German ply bass, from the 1960s
  • Labelled "West Germany" 
  • Top in great condition
  • Beautiful flamed maple on the sides and back
  • Inlaid purfling, elaborate work at the button
  • Ebony fingerboard, a new Despiau bridge with adjusters, new braided tailpiece, and Thomastik Superflexible strings.



Older German Carved 5/8
A really great sounding, fully restored German 5/8 sized bass.  It's probably about 100 years old.  The restoration involved:  replacing edging on several bouts, removing the integrated bass bar and installing a new one, repairing the back braces, and adding a new ebony fingerboard. The set up included installing a new adjustable bridge and new endpin.  The bass is currently set up with D'Addario Hybrid strings: It sounds great when bowed!  
  • Czech Flatback 3/4 bass
  • Solid spruce top and maple ribs.  Original ply back with bracing
  • Fully restored, including:
  • top removed, top and rib cracks repaired

  • integrated bass bar removed 
  • belly patch installed
  • new bass bar installed
  • new neck and fingerboard
  • new fittings (nut, endpin, tailpiece, Despiau adjustable bridge, D'addario Pizz strings)
  • Sold

Vintage Kay 3/4   


MB 1 Model, from 1954. Blonde finish, with rosewood fingerboard and brass tuners. Recently refurbished with a new adjustable bridge, new soundpost, and new rubber endpin tip. Great condition for a 61 year old instrument.  

Email for more pictures.



Shen SB150


  • Gently used Hybrid bass (fully carved spruce top and maple ply back and sides)

  • Hand-applied oil finish with inlaid purfling

  • Violin corners, a round back, 41” string length, and a ‘D’ Neck

  • Set up with a high quality Despiau French bridge

  • Strung with D'addario Pizzicato strings

  • Comes with a heavy-duty gig bag 

  • SOLD


Xue Chang Sun

Fully Carved Bass

  • 3/4 size body, 41.5" string length, and a ‘D’ Neck

  • Violin corners, beautifully flamed maple back and sides, and a finely carved spruce top

  • A loud and even sounding bass, extremely well made, perfect for advanced students and professional players

  • Oil finish, inlaid purfling

  • Set up with a high quality Despiau bridge, large gear brass tuners, and Ulsa brass and ebony endpin

  • Strung with D'Addario Zyex strings

  • SOLD

  • Plywood, approximately 20 years old 
  • 41" String length / D Neck
  • Great used condition
  • Thick ebony neck
  • Inlaid purfling
  • New Bridge with Spirocore strings
  • Priced to sell at $1395

Scherl and Roth Ply 3/4

German Carved top flatback 3/4 Bass
A very solid 30 year old instrument
  • Ebony fingerboard, chrome plated brass tuners, inlaid purfling
  • 'D' neck, 41" string length
  • New adjustable bridge and Helicore hybrid strings
  • Bass recently restored and ready to go 
  • Back centre seam was rejoined - not pretty, but functional!
  • Priced to sell at only $3495
Romanian Carved 3/4

Mathias Thoma solid wood flat-back bass from 2007.  Violin corners. This bass has a larger upper bout which contributes to it being a loud bass with good tone.  It has new fittings: an adjustable bridge, endpin, and Eva Pirazzi strings.  This instrument offers great value for the money!  





Romanian 3/4 Carved flat back


Labelled "Andreas Zeller".  This bass is undated, but probably about 40 years old. It features an ebony fingerboard and a new bridge.  Currently strung with Spirocore strings.  The bass has had several smaller cracks over the years, however, all are now glued and cleated. 



  • Plywood, approximately 50 years old 
  • 41" String length / D Neck
  • Well used condition, but plays fine
  • Ebony neck and inlaid purfling
  • New Despiau bridge with adjusters
  • Nicely aged brass tuners
  • Strung with Superflexible strings
  • A bargain at $1195
Lewis and Sons "Bottesini" 3/4 Bass 
  • Vintage Fully Carved German Bass 
  • 41" String length / D Neck
  • New bass bar 
  • Neck is original and has never suffered breaks
  • New Despiau Bridge with Ebony adjusters
  • Strung with Spirocores
  • SOLD

1956 King Mortone - in amazing condition!

This bass doesn't look like a 60 year old bass. It probably sat unplayed for many years. The King decals (at the button and on the tailpiece) are intact, and the engraved tuners are in the best condition seen. It has the following updates: 

  • Despiau bridge with adjusters

  • Soundpost

  • Endpin

  • Braided tailwire

  • Spirocore Mittels

The updates, especially the strings, were helpful: The bass now sounds very even and loud, and appropriately growly in the low register.  A rare vintage bass in excellent shape.  $SOLD

Shen SB100


  • Shen's top of the line plywood bass

  • Spruce veneer top

  • Upgraded tuners

  • Hand-applied oil finish with inlaid purfling

  • Violin corners, a round back, 41” string length, and a ‘D’ Neck

  • Set up with a high quality Despiau French bridge

  • Strung with D'addario Pizzicato strings

  • $Sold

Hans Kroger 3/4 solid wood bass

Made in Korea in 2003, this fully carved bass is in very good condition and plays well.   Nicely flamed maple on both the back and sides.  Features: ebony fingerboard, and inlaid purfling.  Recently updated with a brand new endpin, Despiau bridge, and high-quality Thomastik Dominant strings.   $2195

Framus ply 3/4

Plywood bass, made by Framus in Bavaria, Germany, most likely around 1960.  This instrument likely started as a blonde bass, then had the ribs and top "colourized". This bass is offered as-is. 


The good parts: 

  • Very solidly built, and holding up well  

  • Blonde birds-eye veneer back 

  • Top and back have outside purfling  

The less good:

  • Playable, but could use a new bridge and strings 

  • Sides are stained dark brown, with slight delamination

  • Top has a thin coat of red paint

A decent starter bass, for not much money!  $Sold

Wilhelm Eberle Ply Bass
An older (1960s or 70s) plywood bass, made in East Germany.  The bass has had a few repairs over the years but is now in good shape and should last another 50 years.   A loud, solid sounding instrument. 
  • Maple and ebony neck
  • Lightly flamed maple ribs
  • A wide lower bout for a deeper bass response
  • 41” string length, "D" neck
  • Priced to sell at just $1295

Romanian Fully Carved 3/4 Bass  


  •  1970s vintage "Roma" brand bass, made in Reghin, Romania 

  • Solid spruce top, maple ribs and back

  • Inlaid purfling

  • Gamba corners, a round back, 41” string length, and a ‘D’ Neck

  • Set up with a high quality Despiau French bridge

  • Strung with Helicore Hybrid strings

  • Solid value at only $SOLD 

1953 American Standard
  • Made by the HN White Co., Cleveland Ohio
  • Fully restored, in great condition for a 67 year old instrument
  • Neck is 100% original and intact (no cracks or repairs anywhere)
  • New Ebony fingerboard, original brass and steel tuners
  • Spirocore strings, 43" string length, "D" neck
  • New Despiau adjustable bridge and Carbon Fibre endpin
  • A loud, focussed, and rare vintage bass!
  • Priced at $3495
1939 Kay 3/4 Ply bass
  • An early Kay, restored to good condition
  • New ebony fingerboard and adjustments to the neck for greater playability
  • New: adjustable Despiau bridge, endpin, and Zyex strings
  • Vintage brass finish Kluson tuning machines
  • Plays very well, with impressive volume 
  • Competitively priced at only $2495

"Bottesini Model, Lewis and Sons" circa 1965

  • Fully carved German 3/4 Bass

  • 'D' Neck, 42" string length

  • New flamed maple neck and ebony fingerboard

  • Vintage engraved tuning plates

  • Despiau bridge with adjusters

  • Deluxe Ulsa endpin

  • Strung with new Thomastik Spirocore strings

  • Priced at $6995